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  1. Sourcing Custom Made Parts? Need long or short production runs? The shops on can meet even the most complex machining requirements.

    Precision Machining Services

    Machined Metal Parts

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  2. Proto Technologies Inc.

    22808 E Appleway
    Liberty Lake, WA 99019

    - Rapid printing
    - Prototyping
    - 3d Printing
    - Stereolithography
    - Selective Laser Sintering
    - CNC Mill/Lathe (4th axis)
    - Machining
    - Molds
    - Models
    - Quickcast patterns
    - Investment castings
    - Injection molding
    - Waterjet cutting
    - Women owned business
    - Small business

    We do work in all industries – automotive, manufacturing, machining, medical, prototyping, industrial design, aerospace, assembly, cutting, dies, fittings, fixturing, powder coating, finishing, tooling, welding, energy, etc.

    The leading online resource for manufacturing cost estimation.

    * Get FREE online cost estimates
    * Embed manufacturing widgets
    * Learn about process cycles and DFM guidelines
    * Compare processes and materials
    * Find similar parts
    * Locate suppliers

    Covering a wide range of manufacturing processes:

    - Injection Molding
    - Metal Casting (Die casting, Sand casting, etc.)
    - Mold and Die Tooling
    - Machining (Milling, Turning, etc.)
    - Rapid Prototyping

    ... and much more.

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  5. Custom Stamping & Fabrication Capabilities
    Short Run Stamping
    In-House Tool & Die
    Metal Fabrication
    Heavy Gauge Structural Fabrication
    Precision Machining
    Rapid Prototyping
    Laser Cutting Service
    Mechanical Metal Assemblies
    Quality and Continuous Improvement
    Your One-stop Custom Design & Contract Manufacturing
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    Metal Fabrication

    Metal Fabrication: Lake Air Companies is an industry leader in precision metal fabricating. We annually produce thousands of different and unique, light to medium gauge fabricated metal parts and components for customers all around the country. Metal Fabrication Lake Air Metals

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